I started my career in Design by first exploring the world of Art. As a young boy I would meticulously copy pictures from my favourite comics and make sure every dot and line was perfect, so I would have an almost perfect replica of the image I was copying.

I stared my career in Design by first exploring the world of Art.

Through school and college, I was taught various skills within the Arts, from exploring the idea of what Art is, in its most contemporary styles, to the techniques of Fine Art. Literally two schools of thought. 🙂


Hipster Mona Lisa. Oil on Print. 2015

Today, I have somewhat of a love/hate relationship with painting. Although, I enjoy the end product, I still find the process sometimes difficult. Something that I think goes back to my childhood of wanting to get every detail perfect.
Because of that, I’ve ( with the help and encouragement of my lovely wife ) tried to find other ways to enjoy the process, through creating works that are more expressive and quicker to create, ( like the image below ) or starting my recent project of adding modern culture to classic Artwork ( as in my addition to the Mona Lisa above )


Cadaques. Acrylic on cavas. 2014

I’ll still struggle on a try to produce more complicated paintings, but for now I need to put the enjoyment back into the process so I can really enjoy the work again.

If any painters out there have any tips, I would love to hear them.

Tate Modern. Oils on canvas 2014

Tate Modern. Oils on canvas 2014


Fredick Street, Gouache on Canvas: 2012